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So She's Going off to College

You have visited colleges near home and far away. She has worked so hard to keep up her GPA. How do we pay for this? Will she get scholarships? Will she be safe? Should I get her pepper spray? Will she get good grades? What if she gets homesick? What kind of college student will she be? When will she visit? How will I cope without her around?

These are probably just a few questions running through your mind when your daughter is off to college. Preparing for and planning for your daughter to leave her home and live

independently can be an emotional roller coaster for moms. In some ways, you may feel proud and excited, but of course, you are terrified and so sad. You will miss her energy and smiles.

It's important to recognize that this is a huge transition for you, your daughter, and the whole family. It may be very challenging at times, so it's essential to help her prepare and to prepare yourself. The family dynamics will shift, and big changes can cause anxiety and sometimes depression. You have guided and comforted her for over 18 years, and now she will have to do this work on her own.

Talking with a therapist about your concerns and worries can help. Coming up with a plan of action will help.

At SoCo Counseling, one of our specialties is working with teenage daughters and their mothers. We have worked with countless duos of moms and girls to help them navigate this special (and tiresome) relationship. Contact us today at We would love to help.

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